10 Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Fire

10 Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Fire:

A Quintessential Primordial Experience

Cooking With Fire - The Perfect Pour

Cooking With Fire – The Perfect Pour

Grilling season is upon us with the ushering in of the Memorial Day Weekend. In this post, I will give you the 10 Best Tips for grilling using the Weber grill and charcoal chimney. Specifically I will cover:

1. The art and theater of grilling

2. The “Perfect Pour” video demo

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Astonishing Turmeric (The Best Superfood on the Planet)

Turmeric: 7 Healthy Recipes (Eat it in 2018!)

Turmeric Root - Health Benefits

Turmeric Root – Health Benefits

In this post you’ll learn about the magnificent health benefits of turmeric.

Plus, you’ll find 7 delicious recipes and 1 video on using turmeric.

Crush life by eating your way towards optimum health in 2018!

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9 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes – WOW! (Updated for 2017)

The Christmas Cookie – 9 Easy Recipes for the Holidays

The Christmas cookie is my passion during the Holidays. Below are 9 easy recipes…

Christmas Cookies - Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookies – Gluten Free Sugar Cookie

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Cooking with Coffee – 6 Powerful Reasons That Will Make You Happy

Cooking with Coffee – Recipes and Health Benefits

Cooking With Coffee - Health Benefits

Cooking With Coffee – Health Benefits

It’s Personal Chef Garbo here with my top 6 powerful reasons for cooking with coffee. Coffee not only adds depth to your food but it has many health benefits that can extend your life and make you happy too by boosting your mental clarity and general feeling of well being.

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Green Eggs and Ham for Mother’s Day – by Personal Chef San Francisco – Chef Garbo

Green Eggs and Ham 2

Green Eggs and Ham

As a Personal Chef in San Francisco, I am wondering how best to show my appreciation for Mother’s Day this Sunday. After all, she gave me the gift of life. I appreciate my mother for emphasizing the importance of reading when I was a kid. And boy did I enjoy all the Dr. Seuss books, especially “Green Eggs and Ham”! Maybe that’s where I got my love of all things food? She used to call me “Sugar Nose” because I could smell a candy bar a mile away… but I digress. My point is that I have some great Mother’s Day brunch ideas that your Mom might like.

Whether Mom prefers a leisurely breakfast in bed or a family brunch around the table, you’ll delight her with these easy homemade hard boiled eggs with pesto and ham.

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Personal Chef SF Garbo Presents: Sweet Heat Valentine Treats

Valentine Candy Collage - Personal Chef SF Garbo

Valentine Candy Collage – Personal Chef SF Garbo

Valentine Cake That Pops!

I’ve always liked the saying “Life is Short Eat Dessert First” and that will be the order in which I present my Valentine’s dinner idea that is sure to please. My over the top cake idea is so easy it’s laughable and totally fun to create using any type of candy toppings that you like. I chose a Bundt cake for its simplicity and filled in the center hole with peanut M&Ms which not only makes a sturdy base to hold the heavy lollypop but adds drama at slicing time as the M&M’s cascade out of the center like a water fall. If you have kids in the house they’ll love it!

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Personal Chef San Francisco – Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Chef Garbo’s Christmas Cookies

As a Personal Chef in San Francisco I can’t believe it’s the Holidays and Christmas cookies rule! This year I’m excited to share some of the best Christmas cookies ever and have stood the test of time!

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San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Presents a Festive Holiday Salad & Sparkling Mead Cocktail

Personal Chef San Francisco - Chef Garbo -  Shaved Butternut Squash Salad

Shaved Butternut Squash Salad – Gluten Free

With Thanksgiving approaching I thought it fitting to present two simple yet elegant recipes in keeping with the spirit of the Holidays. I always love a fun cocktail to accompany my meals so I crafted a Fall inspired sipper combining apple cider and sparkling mead by Heidrun Meadery that’s paired with an autumn colored tossed green salad made from shaved butternut squash, peppery arugula & a grainy mustard vinaigrette. The light and refreshing bubbles of the sparkling mead cocktail is perfect with the salad. Enjoy!

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San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Celebrates Summer’s Last Hurrah with Sexy Ribs & Boozy Pops

Baby Back Pork Ribs with Bone Suck'n Sauce - Gluten Free

Baby Back Pork Ribs with Bone Suck’n Sauce – Gluten Free

Years ago I seduced my beau over a rack of ribs. Yup, I wore my food and it was love at first bite for him, regarding me. You can’t be too polite when it comes to eating bone suck’n ribs. You have to dive right in with gusto, and if it means getting the sauce on your face and in your hair, then so be it. I love ribs and I don’t mind wearing them either!

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