Holiday Desserts That Warm Our Hearts

Chef Garbo

By Chef Garbo

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo – Published Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013

Garbo’s Featured Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013- Chocolate Bundt Cake – Gluten Free

Imagine with your eyes closed; all the sights, sounds and aromas that are hallmarks of the Holiday Season. Was one of the first things that came to mind a beautiful dessert of some sort? Was the kitchen filled with the prattle of kids making sugar cookies reaching for the colorful sugar sprinkles? Did you attend a potluck dinner, with its high dessert ratio, or a pumpkin carving party rich with the smell of pumpkin and apple pies? Desserts are often the centerpiece at Holiday celebrations and for good reason; this is the time of year where we can indulge in lavish and sinfully rich treats. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen during the Holidays and baking is often the main event as it warms our hearts and encourages the spirit of sharing and celebration. It’s a perfect opportunity to express the festive extravagance that marks the season. The dessert recipes I’ve chosen meet the requirements for Holiday hospitality as they are both pretty and delicious.

Fall Harvest Cookies -Gluten Free


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