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Chef Garbo’s Story

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed creating beautiful meals with simple ingredients that dance on a plate. Food is more than nourishment. It should be revitalizing and exciting! I believe food it is an experience that can transport us to another place in time or another part of the world. It is the medium that brings friends and families together at the dinner table where some of life’s most memorable moments are created.

Chef Garbo plating an entree

Growing up in a large family I learned the importance of showing up at the dinner table. This was the time where we shared our stories of the day, where we bonded and enjoyed wholesome meals together. Today, this simple pleasure is often lost in the shuffle of our busy schedules but I believe we don’t have to live this way. I can help bring you back to the dinner table with enticing meals that give you the gift of time so you can enjoy a tranquil meal with those you love.

Gathering with friends for a festive BBQ feast prepared by Chef Garbo
Gathering with friends for a rustic BBQ feast prepared by Chef Garbo

Helping Families Eat Better, Feel Better, & Free Up Valuable Time

So many families struggle with the hectic pace of juggling work, school, and the endless demands of modern life – often they find their health and family life suffer. Healthy, balanced food gives us energy, improved attitude and relationships, but planning meals, shopping, and cooking take time.

My mission as a Personal Chef is to make your life easier when it comes to preparing healthy home-cooked meals that taste as good as they look. I am all about sourcing organic ingredients and beautiful presentation. I can bring the fresh bounties of seasonal fruits and vegetables to your table or give you the opportunity to enjoy traditional favorites in new ways by incorporating locally grown produce like butternut squash or figs into your favorite stews and salads.

A variety of beautiful, healthy dishes from Chef Garbo
Chef Garbo’s beautiful, nutritious dishes make any get together a treat

My dream is to help you enjoy dinner without the stress and noise from the outside world so you can have peace of mind when it comes to effortlessly putting dinner on the table.

I have been helping families return to the dinner table with delicious meals since 2005. 

Plate a Meal Like a Chef

Chef Garbo can teach you to plate beautiful entrees even from previously frozen food
Chef Garbo can teach you to plate dishes as enticing as these scallops

As an award-winning food photographer, I take great care in preparing beautiful meals that nourish and satisfy. I will even teach you how to plate a previously frozen meal so that it looks like it was prepared by a 5 star Michelin Chef! See examples on my dinner page. Yes, the meals I create for clients actually look like these.

Work with Chef Garbo & De-Stress

When you work with Chef Garbo your stress will melt away. This is because she puts herself in your shoes to understand your dreams and goals when it comes to life sustaining meals. She is masterful at delivering freshly prepared, gourmet quality dishes prepared in your own home. She can create entirely new culinary experiences for you by incorporating many international cuisines including French, Mediterranean, Asian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Moroccan and much more into your weekly meal plans if that’s what you want. Whether you prefer restaurant quality meals or just need comfort food after a busy day, Chef Garbo can do it all and leave you with a smile on your face!

Chef Garbo is an accomplished mixologist
Accomplished Mixologist and Entertainer

Chef Garbo’s Awards & Professional Affiliations

Badge for 2014 USPCA Food Photo of the Year
Personal Chef Sf - Chef Garbo is presented with the USPCA Food Photo of the Year award
Personal Chef Sf – Chef Garbo
Badge - 2015 USPCA Website of the Year award
  • Photo of the Year and Website of the Year – Awarded by the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA)
  • Culinary Institute of America, Napa, (Continuing Education)
  • Culinary Business Academy (Graduate)
  • ServSafe Certified (Safe Food handling recognized by the State of CA)
  • Licensed and Insured in the City and County of San Francisco
  • Premier Member of the US Personal Chef Association (USPCA)
  • Chapter Officer, USPCA Local Bay Area Chapter
  • Board of Directors, Las Trampas, Inc.
  • UC Berkeley Graduate, B.A. English Literature

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