Holiday Desserts That Warm Our Hearts

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo – Published Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013

Garbo’s Featured Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013- Chocolate Bundt Cake – Gluten Free

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Pickled Holiday Gifts

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo – Published Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013

Pickled Green Beans - Organic - Gluten Free

Garbo’s Featured Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Fall Issue 2013

Pickled Holiday Gifts

Now that the Fall Season is waning and vegetable gardens have been harvested, folks are challenged with how they can consume their bounty. Perhaps you’ve experienced that friendly neighbor knocking at your door with a huge basket full of home grown vegetables hoping you can use them in your next meal. The solution is to pickle the fruits of their labor and enjoy them all winter long! Even if you didn’t plant a vegetable garden or receive veggie gifts from your friends, you can always visit your local Farmer’s Market and preserve the produce from there.

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High Tea for Mother’s Day

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo – Published Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Spring Issue 2013

Personal Chef Magazine Article - High Tea for Mothers Day

Garbo’s Featured Article in Personal Chef Magazine – Spring Issue 2013

High Tea for Mother’s Day

For a memorable Mother’s Day celebration why not create a High Tea delight with fresh spring flowers and all the fixings. Your mother will really appreciate the lovely spread which she didn’t have to prepare. Plus, it’s the perfect occasion to indulge in sweet and savory bite size treats.

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SF Chef Garbo Hosts 3rd Annual USPCA Chapter Meeting

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Hosts 3rd Annual USPCA Local Bay Area Chapter Meeting – Inverness, CA – September 18, 2012

The 3rd Annual Bay Area UPSCA Chapter Retreat took place at Inverness, CA in the beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore. The purpose of the Chapter Retreats are to experience culinary field trips to several famous Point Reyes food purveyors, strengthen our bonds as a Chapter, and to develop our food styling skills which ultimately promote our Personal Chef services. Most importantly, we want to have fun while we showcasing our talents as Personal Chefs.


Nick’s Cove

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SF Personal Chef Garbo Featured in Gourmet Magazine

Gourmet Magazine Blog Post

Garbo’s Food Photography & Styling Featured in Gourmet Live Blog



We came across personal chef Claude Garbo‘s Gourmet magazine styling series and couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peek with you. Chef Garbo finds inspiration from her collection of Gourmet magazines dating back to the 50s and 60s, replicating the food and styling setups of the iconic covers, such as the beignets pictured above.
Chef Garbo selects the dishes to replicate based on the food she prepares for her clients, as well as on the vast array of vintage cutlery and serving dishes she’s collected over the years. She uses natural light to capture the true essence of each meal, from the perfectly placed cocktail glasses to the artfully styled ingredients.

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Origins of the Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookies today have historical roots based on biscuit recipes from Medieval Europe which contained ingredients such as ginger, black pepper, almonds, cinnamon and dried fruit. During the 16th century, Christmas biscuits grew in popularity across Europe which included lebkuchen (a traditional German baked Christmas treat that resembled gingerbread), the papparkakor (a ginger snap) which was popular in Sweden and in Norway it was the krumkake (thin cylindrical lemon and cardamom scented waffle cookies) that were all made at Christmas time.

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Garbo’s Thanksgiving Feast with a Renaissance Flair – November 2011

History of Thanksgiving Foods and its Influence on Renaissance Europe

Much of the food from the early Renaissance period was left over from the Middle Ages until Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. Soon, trade brought in new and rare delectables into the Renaissance kitchens like oranges, corn, sugar and chocolate that started with the nobility and trickled down to the farmers and peasants. It took considerable time for these victuals to catch on in Europe, but one exception was the Turkey. About 30 years after Columbus, Cortez discovered the American turkey in Mexico around the 1520s. At that time, Turkey was known as “Indian Chicken” and this bird gained popularity very quickly. In addition to being delicious, turkey made a flamboyant centerpiece for banquets when dressed in all its feathers and plumes.

Fruit and Pastries

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Chef Garbo Gets Press in Contra Costa Times – May 27, 2011

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Featured in Lamorinda Sun

Chef Garbo was recently written up by Contra Costa Times Reporter Ms. Lou Fancher. The article was entitled “Food that’s Strictly Personal Not Private… Orinda’s ‘Chef Garbo’ transitions from marketing career to making healthy meals for folks on the go”. Read all about it in the Contra Costa Times online.


Garbo's European Food Tour Part II, Paris

Personal Chef Magazine Article


By Chef Garbo

Paris is very seductive. How can one not fall in love with her at first sight? Its history is rich, the people are stylish, its architecture distinctive, artists are drawn to it and the cuisine is heaven on earth. There is an ethereal quality about Paris where beauty and elegance are preferred over purpose and practicality.

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San Francisco – Chef Garbo’s European Food Tour: Part I Florence

Article Part I Florence

Chef Garbo’s European Food Tour: Part 1 Florence

Florence. Personal Chef Magazine – By Personal Chef Garbo

Chef Garbo Overlooking the River Arno

It’s Chef Garbo here reporting on a recent “Food Tour” of Florence and Paris with my good friend Renee Coker. This was my first holiday in years without family on a “girls get-away” and I can highly recommend Renee as an excellent traveling companion. During the first two days we experienced a few bumps in the road with jet-lag and all but we got through it quickly and had the time of our lives!

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