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February 8, 2016

Personal Chef SF Garbo Presents: Sweet Heat Valentine Treats

Valentine Cake That Pops! I’ve always liked the saying “Life is Short Eat Dessert First” and that will be the order in which I present my Valentine’s dinner idea that is sure to please. My over the top cake idea is so easy it’s laughable and totally fun to create using any type of candy toppings that you like. I chose a Bundt cake for its simplicity and filled in the center hole with peanut M&Ms which not only makes a sturdy base to hold the heavy lollypop but adds drama at slicing time as the M&M’s cascade out of the center like a water fall. If you have kids in the house they’ll love it!
December 11, 2015

Personal Chef San Francisco – Christmas Cookies

Chef Garbo’s Christmas Cookies As a Personal Chef in San Francisco I can’t believe it’s the Holidays and Christmas cookies rule! This year I’m excited to share some of the best Christmas cookies ever and have stood the test of time!
October 23, 2015

Cooking: From Russia to the USA – An Interview with Chef Polina Antonva

The United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) has attracted members from all walks of life and from many distant places. This article is about our fellow USPCA member Chef Polina Antonova, of Caliblini Personal Chef Service, who comes from Russia and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, Polina hosted the Local Bay Area Chapter meeting and we had the distinct pleasure of enjoying her fine cuisine which included quail leg confit, pickled quail eggs from her domesticated quails, infused vodkas, handmade cheeses, home made pastas and fresh grilled rabbit that we picked up at the local Marin Farmer’s Market. Let’s discover how Polina’s Russian upbringing has influenced her work as a Personal Chef and what makes her tick cooking wise.
August 12, 2015

Personal Chef SF – Chef Garbo Wins Website of the Year Award

USPCA National Conference – July 2015 Woo-Hoo… l was an award recipient at the USPCA National Conference for Personal Chefs in San Antonio, TX The Award was presented by Larry Lynch, President of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA). My newly re-designed site was among many submitted with judging based on creativity, clarity and mobile friendliness. Read the full Press Release here.
May 4, 2015

KGO News Radio Interviews Chef Garbo

Contact Chef Garbo Now   KGO News Radio, a local San Francisco News talk radio station, recently interviewed me to learn more about a Personal Chef Service and how it works. Frequently the terms Personal and Private Chef are used interchangeably and KGO Radio wanted to know the difference.According to the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) there is a distinction. In fact, the USPCA invented the Personal Chef Industry way back in the early 1990’s. Back then, the term Personal Chef was not a part of our vernacular, but today, with our busy lifestyles, hiring a Personal Chef makes life easier and healthier.
October 4, 2014

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Presents a Festive Holiday Salad & Sparkling Mead Cocktail

With Thanksgiving approaching I thought it fitting to present two simple yet elegant recipes in keeping with the spirit of the Holidays. I always love a fun cocktail to accompany my meals so I crafted a Fall inspired sipper combining apple cider and sparkling mead by Heidrun Meadery that’s paired with an autumn colored tossed green salad made from shaved butternut squash, peppery arugula & a grainy mustard vinaigrette. The light and refreshing bubbles of the sparkling mead cocktail is perfect with the salad. Enjoy!
August 26, 2014

San Francisco Personal Chef Garbo Celebrates Summer’s Last Hurrah with Sexy Ribs & Boozy Pops

Years ago I seduced my beau over a rack of ribs. Yup, I wore my food and it was love at first bite for him, regarding me. You can’t be too polite when it comes to eating bone suck’n ribs. You have to dive right in with gusto, and if it means getting the sauce on your face and in your hair, then so be it. I love ribs and I don’t mind wearing them either!
July 19, 2014

San Francisco Area Chef Garbo Wins Food Photo of the Year

Claude “Chef Garbo” Garbarino, owner and operator of Healthy Meals for Busy People, has taken top honors for Food Photo of the Year during the 2014 United States Personal Chef Association National Conference in Long Beach, California.
June 4, 2014

Drinking Vinegars and Shrubs Hits Mixology

We’re talking shrubs, preserved syrups made with fruits and vinegars, not the kind you find in your garden. Imbibing vinegars may not sound appealing when you desire a summer afternoon refresher but they are making a come back. A shrub is an-old fashioned syrup made by macerating fresh fruit in sugar and vinegar. It’s an extraordinarily fruity, tart and sweet mixture that dates back to Colonial times. Like salting and smoking meat in the pre-refrigeration days, preserving fruit in sugar and vinegar was a problem solving necessity. Put shrubs on your radar as you will likely find an inventive Mixologist at your local tavern offering creative concoctions using these syrups as an alternative to conventional lemons and limes.